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All shipments must be examined upon receipt by the customer or consignee. Remove trays from the box immediately and place trays in a well-lit area with proper heat/air. Water if necessary. When removing plugs, please be careful. Use a dislodging tool or a blunt cake spatula – do not pull the plant out by leaves and stems.

If you receive any unacceptable/questionable material, you must contact Southwest Perennials within 48 hours. Southwest Perennials reserves the right to have all questionable product returned at our expense in southwest perennials’ original boxes. If the material is transplanted or discarded, southwest perennials will deny refunds/credit.

Do not destroy the boxes!

Failure to report any unacceptable or questionable product within 48 hours will result in denial of any refund/credit. Refunds beyond 48 hours will be at the sole discretion of Southwest Perennials.

Transportation problems and quality problems incurred by transportation will be the responsibility of the customer/consignee to initiate a claim, noting condition of the plant material and boxing on the bill of lading. The customer/consignee must immediately notify the carrier for an inspection. Also, the customer/consignee must notify the broker or Southwest Perennials of the problem. Southwest Perennials limits its liability to the purchase price of the plant material.


Phone: 214-670-0955  Fax: 214-670-0394

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